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Coming September 10, ROBERT B. PARKER'S BUZZ KILL by Alison Gaylin

Debuted last year as side characters in Gaylin's first Sunny Randall, the powerful Welch family—Bill, Lydia, and their son Dylan—are at the center of her second . Bill and Lydia hire Sunny when Dylan goes missing. Robert Parker's series became more one-off adventures, less related as he aged. I'm glad to see Gaylin revisit the Welches while potential is high and interest is hot. Want to chat further? Join Fans of Robert B. Parker , my public Matrix room.
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Coming November 26, ROBERT B. PARKER'S HOT PROPERTY by Mike Lupica

According to the Penguin Random House website, Mike Lupica's second Spenser sees our hero investigate when high-powered attorney Rita Fiore is shot. The synopsis makes Rita sound more important to Spenser than she is. Debuting in the novels a few years before TV's Spenser: For Hire , Rita was written into the show's second season as a love interest played by Carolyn McCormick after Susan Silverman actor Barbara Stock was let go. The change backfired. Stock was rehired for the following final season, McCormick and Rita forgotten. Canonically Spenser admires Rita but has only ever rebuffed her advances. While her taking a bullet might've made a better fiftieth anniversary mark than last year's Robert B. Parker's Broken Trust , it would hit harder as the hook of a Jesse Stone novel, she and Jesse former sex partners. Want to chat further? Join my public Matrix room Fans of Robert B. Parker .


In 2010 Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband Dean out of touch a week and counting, Addison McKellar decides to visit his construction office. She not only finds the office vacant, but also no one in the building has heard of Dean's business. When several others downplay or dismiss her concern, her father recommends legendary P.I. Porter Hayes. Together Addison and Porter begin retracing Dean's whereabouts across the globe. As you might expect, they're not the only ones in pursuit. Following Atkins' Quinn Colson series and additions to Robert B. Parker's Spenser, Don't Let the Devil Ride is a suspense thriller that alternates varied viewpoints and shows the author's facility getting into character. I also appreciate that, free of series obligations, the novel shows how Addison and others change from beginning to end as a result of their dealings with Dean. Thanks again to Jessica Cozzi at William Morrow for the NetGalley. Don't Let the Devil Ride w

Coming June 25, DON'T LET THE DEVIL RIDE by Ace Atkins

In April 2022, Ace Atkins' move to William Morrow was announced with the first of a two-book deal being Free Falling , a suspense thriller about a woman who discovers her husband runs a mercenary firm. Stopping by Atkins' Facebook page , I saw the book had been retitled Don't Let the Devil Ride . Here's my advance review .

THE MURDER OF MR. MA by John Shen Yen Nee and S.J. Rozan

In 1924 London, mathematician and philosopher Bertrand Russell involves professor and novelist Lao She in a daring scheme to free legendary Judge Dee from jail. From there, Lao, narrator of the action, is swept along on Dee's investigation into the murder of a fellow Chinese. A string of similar murders is committed, and Dee and Lao must pursue the killer and avoid becoming victims themselves. I'm a longtime fan of Rozan's series which alternates viewpoint between PIs Lydia Chin and Bill Smith. I've also read the paranormal series she wrote with Carlos Dews under the pseudonym Sam Cabot. I'm excited for her new collaboration, a heady blend of real-life legends and Sherlockian mystery. The Murder of Mr. Ma will be published April 2, 2024. Thanks to Soho Press's Johnny Nguyen for the NetGalley.


Mike Lupica's tour to promote his first Spenser continuation, Robert B. Parker's Broken Trust , consists of a virtual event with Scottsdale, Arizona's The Poisoned Pen Bookstore and two in-person Florida appearances: Monday, November 27, 6:00 PM Mountain/8:00 PM Eastern, The Poisoned Pen via Facebook Live and YouTube Tuesday, November 28, 7:00 PM Eastern, CROSS MEETS SPENSER with James Patterson , moderated by Charles Todd, Palm Beach County Library, 14350 Hagen Ranch Road, Delray Beach, FL 33446 Friday, December 1, 5:00 PM Eastern, Vero Beach Book Center , 392 21st Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960 NOV. 28 UPDATE: I've edited the Facebook Live and YouTube links to lead to videos of the Poisoned Pen event. Comment below or join my Fans of Robert B. Parker public Matrix chatroom to discuss it.

Fans of Robert B. Parker on Matrix

I recently began using the free, open-source, decentralized protocol Matrix for end-to-end encrypted messaging. You might use Matrix apps like Element to communicate privately with your family or team. The apps also let you create unencrypted public rooms for less-sensitive topics. Photo by John Earle I've created a public Fans of Robert B. Parker room to discuss his works, the film and TV versions, and the sequels commissioned by his estate. If you have or create an account on a Matrix homeserver, you can join the room at . Icebreaker topic: Which of Parker's novels (or the sequels commissioned by his estate) did you read first? Which is your favorite and why? I hope to reconnect with members of my former Yahoo! Group Spenser's Sneakers as well as draw today's Parker readers. Mastodon is my only social network. I welcome your help mentioning the room elsewhere. More sites for Parker fans: - the