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Coming June 13, 2023, ROBERT B. PARKER'S BAD INFLUENCE by Alison Gaylin

Last December brought word Mike Lupica was moving from Robert B. Parker's Sunny Randall to Spenser, and Alison Gaylin was writing her first Randall continuation. Gaylin's novel now has the title Robert B. Parker's Bad Influence , a publication date of June 13, 2023, and a cover. A synopsis has yet to appear, but in my short interview with Alison early this year, she revealed, "Sunny is dragged into the world of Instagram influencers—with dangerous (and potentially deadly) results."
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THE MAZE by Nelson DeMille

On sale from Scribner October 11, The Maze is the eighth novel starring the irreverent, engaging John Corey. A Corey fan since a friend recommended The Lion's Game twenty years ago, I jumped at the promotional offer of a NetGalley. I appreciate the range of reality-inspired cases and roles DeMille has assigned Corey. While that realism is part of the series' success, my main attraction to The Maze was the chance to hear another story from Corey, this time approached to work as a private investigator, my favorite genre.

WEALTH MANAGEMENT by Edward Zuckerman, coming Sept. 20

Publicist Wiley Saichek sends word of this upcoming Arcade Crimewise release : In the lush world banking capital of Geneva, Switzerland, three young wealth managers (Catherine, Majid, and Rafe) are handling investments for clients with dubious pedigrees. When problems with troubled investments are “fixed” by murders and bombs, they come to suspect that their clients are Mafiosi and terrorists, but by then they are accomplices, and under threat, and have no easy way to back out. Their efforts to save themselves — and innocent lives — are complicated by their being in a love triangle, by one of them secretly working with the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence to investigate the other two, and by the unexpected appearance of a detective from Nigeria who may or may not be in league with terrorists himself. About the Author: Edward Zuckerman began his career as a journalist, writing about zombies, killer bees, talking apes and other subjects for Rolling St


Due to be published September 6, Robert B. Parker's Fallout , Lupica's third Jesse Stone continuation, is driven by the discovery of Paradise High School baseball star Jack Carlisle dead at the bottom of a bluff. Jesse had mentored Jack at shortstop. Jack's loss hits his uncle, Luther "Suitcase" Simpson, particularly hard. As Jesse, Suit, and Molly Crane investigate, though, the team closes ranks. Meanwhile, Jesse must also puzzle out the suspicious death of retired Paradise Police Chief Charlie Farrell, who had been looking into cryptocurrency scams of the elderly. The two cases let Lupica dip into timeless themes around Robert B. Parker's favorite sport and keep Stone and company current. Thanks again to Putnam Books for the NetGalley.

Ace Atkins moves to William Morrow

Yesterday Ace Atkins tweeted the news of his deal with William Morrow Books for two standalone projects. The first, Free Falling , is described as a Hitchcockian thriller about a seemingly happily-married woman who finds out her construction executive husband actually runs an international mercenary firm.


With her most popular character about to be adapted for TV, novelist Melanie Joan Hall, Sunny Randall's benefactor, is accused of plagiarism. Soon after hiring Sunny to investigate her accuser, Melanie Joan is jolted by the murders of her manager and editor. Lupica's fourth Randall continuation is an aptly-named tour of Melanie Joan's past, much of which she resists revealing. Meanwhile, Sunny's retired cop father Phil finds himself targeted for revenge. Lupica draws on his own origins in creating Melanie Joan's. In what looks to be his final Randall novel before moving on to Spenser, he once again shows familiarity with characters from all of Parker's series, including one of Parker's most chilling and manipulative villains. Robert B. Parker's Revenge Tour goes on sale May 3. Thanks again to Putnam Books for the NetGalley.

The Future of Robert B. Parker's Sunny Randall

When Mike Lupica picks up Spenser from Ace Atkins in 2023, Alison Gaylin will pick up Sunny Randall from Lupica. I emailed Alison for a short interview about joining the Parker continuation effort: Gerald So: To introduce yourself to Parker fans and new readers, tell me a bit of your history reading Parker. Did his work influence your writing before you were asked to continue Sunny Randall? Alison Gaylin: I think I'd be hard-pressed to think of a mystery writer who doesn't owe a debt to Parker, and I'm definitely one of them. Though my more recent books tend to be a bit darker, the structure and vibrance of his Spenser books have long been an influence. He could have taught a master class in character creation and dialogue. And though many years have passed since his books were first introduced, they remain relevant. I was a Spenser fan, but only recently discovered the Sunny Randall books. She is a wonderful character. I love her, as well as all of her friends—espec